Saket Upadhyay


Inspiration can come from anywhere; I get inspired from designers, vloggers, software engineers, artists in diverse domains, etc.
And then I try to think how I can use their strategy in my projects. You are looking at one of those projects, this website contains a lot of things that are direct result of inspiration from other professionals, and to honor their originality, following is a little shout-out to them.

Element Credit Changes
Home page base Inspired from Kimberly C. Ruth ( I added Dark/Light mode and PDF embedded pages; Added random cat images (a critically important feature for sure).
[24/03/2023] I also added mouse guide and a completely new research view.
Blog base Chirpy Jekyll Theme ( Major changes in design elements and JS. 40% change in internal functions. Backbone structure is same.
Fonts Montserrat ( N/A
Mouse movement tracer Hyperplexed's CodePen ( I took the base idea and converted it to behave like a helper of sorts. When you hover your mouse over a ".interactable" item in this website, it shows a little (or big) visual cue to what that item is supposed to redirect to.
Research Paper View Camille Mormal; Designer & Art Director. ( Her work is interesting; The moment I saw this, I imagined how my work can be presented like this. And it looks nice.